Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cool Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Man!


Is your man into fitness? My boyfriend is. He loves water sports, running and lifting weights! I have a cool Christmas gift idea for your man. It's called the Fitbit Force Wireless Activity Wristband. I'm getting one for my boyfriend!

What it does is it tracks his fitness goals and measures how much activity he has had each day.

It even tracks how many steps he has taken! He can monitor his progress if he is trying to reach a fitness goal! It tracks so much more too.

It monitors how many stairs he has climbed, calories burned, and it even monitors how long he sleeps at night.

He can sync it to his smartphone (iPhones, Android and Samsung Galaxy) , his iPad or his laptop and  and computers, and there is even a Fitbit app for his smartphone.

It looks really cool too. I love the sleek and slim band and I think it looks a bit like a watch.  It's lightweight and water resistant and can handle the sweatiest of workouts.

You can get one on Amazon right here for under $100.00