Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Here are some great ideas for your boyfriend or husband for Christmas this year!


JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs



If your man is into music?  I found these awesome headphones that have a cool deep bass and come in different models like the XX series which has a new design and they are made by JVC which is a high quality professional brand.

 Believe me if you get these headphones for him at Christmas he will be so happy!!

They are compact, have silicone coating on the ear piece that is really comfortable and they are lightweight too.

They are compatible with iphone, ipod and ipad!

And here is the best part, they are only $21.95

Here are some other really cool gift ideas for your man!

Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man T-shirt!

This T-shirt lights up! That feature alone will make him think you are an awesome gift giver :)

This cotton T-shirt with LED is available on Amazon for $28.99

Cards Against Humanity
Cards against humanity is definitely for adults but if your man has a sick sense of humor and loves card games, this is the gift for him!!

I recommend that this gift be given to guys from age 18 and up.

It's sick, it's fun and it's great when you have lot's of friends to play it with.

Around $25.00 on Amazon